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If you are looking to do a photo shoot with me, here is how it works  


Every month, I try to do a few free shoots.  

The TFP (Time for Print) session will last about 2 1/2 hrs. There is no charge where we shoot a mutually agreed theme.

This section contains clippings from the internet, these are not my photos, but suggest concepts I'd like to emulate.

Photography is not about what you have. It is about what you can be.

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General terms:   Your comfort and my reputation are paramount. I do not expect any model to adopt any pose that they are not entirely comfortable with, be it clothed, bathing suit or what ever.  Also any model is free to check any image and reject it at any time.

Shoot by location







2/22 Erin Wahle (Prof Model)  Hey Ronald! I've got 22 photos here, I did save around 60 at first so it was a lot of picking a choosing but i think you'll be happy with the ones i picked out. Thank you!

1/22 Nina Dewes (Prof Model) I know there's more than 10-20, just in love with some of the photos

6/15  Nilo Arya  I just looked at the photos! They're amazing ❤️! Thank you So much !!

6/15 Judith Pratt PA to Dame Trelise Cooper   Thank you so much. we will definitely credit you on social media.

6/15 Abigail   I absolutely ❤️❤️❤️ them !!!    I was sooo delighted with the pictures i HAD to show them off , i just had to

6/15 Sasha   Thanks so much, I'm so happy to see them,  You did a great job! I love the ones in the purple

4/15 Carol These photos are stunning, so amazing, we like all of them. Thank you so much. Looking forward to collaborate with you again.

4/14  Sam Manning, Posh Giraffe Publishing Co. Toss Woollaston Project. "Working on the images now - and they look absolutely superb. The colours are marvellous. 

3/15  Schynell C     Photos look amazing! so happy with the outcome

3/15  Roisin K    Thank you so much! These are AWESOME!!!!!

3/15  Lagi F Thank you so much!! I love them.

2/15  Chloe H   WOW what awesome images you captured! They look so amazing!

AlinKa Larionova  Thank you Ronald,photoes are amazing,was my pleasure))))))

Thank you Ronald,photoes are amazing,was my pleasure))))))

Nicole Fairbrother. Model.  Miss Earth I would like to thank-you so much for the photo shoot. It was an amazing experience to work with such an amazing     photographer and now one I respect so deeply. I would love the opportunity to work with you again and can't wait to see some of the images!


Nela Zisseru   Model  Miss Earth 2013      I've gone through all the images. There's some really amazing shots in there! Thank you again :)


Danijela Unkovich  Model. Miss Universe Contestant.  Cant wait to shoot again, you were wonderful to work with. love your work 


Andrea Massey  Make Up Artist - Teacher Samala Robinson Acadamy. Absolutely beautiful pics indeed :  Would love to do another shoot with you in the future. It was lovely working with you.


AlinKa Larionova     Thank you Ronald,photos are amazing,was my pleasure))))))