General Notes


1. This is a collaborative shoot, where we both give our time for free. It is a simple shoot, but this Model Release sets out each others entitlements, restrictions and how you will receive images etc.

2. In NZ, copyright or ownership is held by the person creating the image, the Photographe, who is free to use the images as he wishes  While Copyright is not a big deal, as it is unlikely that the images will create a fortune for either of us, it does mean that it is agreed that, at NO CHARGE, you will be given a copy of the better images for your personal use and self promotion, for use on your mantle piece, Facebook, Social Media, your portfolio. But you may not use the images commercially. without permission.

3. The use of the images carries an obligation, that in return for free images: You will Tag or give an attribute the Photographer.”  Just a simple “Photography by Ronald Winstone” is fine, but some praise is nice. Also you will use best endeavours to provide 2 models for a similar shoot.

4. If the shoot includes any sensitive or personal images it is agreed that they will not be used publicly.  If in doubt ask for permission to use.


ARTZ PHOTOGRAPHY     Model Release
Ronald Winstone 2 Poto Street, Remuera. 021837120




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MODEL RELEASE based on Creative Commons & NZ Advertising & Illustrative Assoc.

1.  The terms used by NZ Professional Photographers Assoc shall apply unless stated.

2.  The model is free to choose poses and may review and delete any image during the shoot.

3.  No cellphone images are to be taken during the shoot.

4.  Images are for PERSONAL USE, as listed below, and must not be used commercially.

5. The Model will receive a selection of PROOFS AND EDITED images following the shoot.
Proofs must not be published.
EDITED images with an ARTZ watermark may be published as listed below.

5. In return for receiving free images, the model agrees to promote the photographer by:
    a/  SHARING the Ronald’s post to your page.  ie Share on Facebook.
    b/. When POSTING on Social Media the Model agrees to Tag or credited Ronald Winstone

6. Any Make Up Artist has the same usage rights as the model

7. After the shoot you will use best endeavours to provide Ronald with 2 models for similar shoots.

8. The Photographer retains copyright is free to retouch and use the images as he sees fit.

9. These conditions will apply for future shoots.

After the shoot, images will be published to a Client Page on the ARTZ’s site.

An email will give a link to your photos. Log in with your email and password.

Anything watermarked as ARTZ is ready to be published, provide it is Tagged to ARTZ.

Images marked as PROOFS are to enable you to select FAVOURITES, so the images can be edited and re-posted, The ARTZ watermark denotes it may be published.
On the ARTZ site, to create a Favourites page.  Click the SELECT button, toward top right, CLICK the images you wish select, a TICK will appear on all the images you click, then Click the FAVOURITES button.  A similar system is used for DOWNLOADING.

Under no circumstances are PROOFS to be published anywhere.

Only IMAGES with Artz watermark are to be published.  The watermark must not be removed.

When Final Images are posted you will be able to download using the DOWNLOAD button.