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MODEL RELEASE based on Creative Commons & NZ Advertising & Illustrative Assoc.
Albert Photo is the nome de plume for Ronald Winstone’s creative work, otherwise featured on
Artz Photography
1. The terms used by NZ Professional Photographers Assoc shall apply unless stated.
2. The model is free to choose poses and may have any image deleted during the shoot.
3. No cellphone images are to be used during the shoot.
4. In return for the shoot the model will endeavour to arrange two more models to do a similar
5. The Model will receive a selection of PROOFS AND EDITED images following the shoot.
PROOFS will be watermarked as PROOFS and must not be published.
The model will then have 14 days to select FAVOURITES for editing.
Once EDITED and tagged with the Photographer’s watermark they may be published.
Edited & watermarked images may only be published on the sites you have listed below.
6 All work published by the model, must be tagged or credited as “Albert Photographe” No other
names are to be used. Specifically do not refer to Ronald_Pics, Ronald Winstone, or Artz
Photography. The model will also try to provide 2 models for a similar shoot.
7. The Photographer retains copyright is free to retouch and use the images as he sees fit, which
may include, among others, media publication, website release. It is agreed that the content may
be combined with other images, or graphics; and may be cropped, altered or modified.
8 In addition to Clause 7 some media may require exclusivity for a period, known as an embargo.
Such images will be provided to the Model at the end of the embargo.
9. Unless otherwise agreed the Models name, social media references etc may be used in any
publication or posts.
10. Albert is not responsible for storing images once Final Images have been sent.


11.  Model's Usage Rights  (Parra 5)


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Tags or Credits to be used Other                   
  Instagram     Alberto Photographe  
  Only Fans      Alberto Photographe  

12.  Photographers Usage Rights (Parra 7 shall include)

Media URL Info Other
Kavyar   Multiple magazines  

1. After the shoot, images will be published to a Client Page on the Albert section of Artz’s site.
You will have 14 days to select your Final Images, after which images may be deleted.
2. An email will give a link to your photos. Log in with your email and a password of your choice.
3. Anything watermarked as Albert is ready to be published. Please Tag as mentioned above.
4. Images marked as PROOFS are to enable the Model to select FAVOURITES, so the images
can be edited.
5. To order Edits from the Proofs. a/. Click the SELECT BUTTON b/. Click the images you wish
to SELECT (a TICK appears on the image). c/, Click the FAVOURITES button. Images will be
edited and become FINAL images, they will normally show the Albert watermark.
6. Under no circumstances are PROOFS to be published anywhere.
7. Only FINAL IMAGES are to be published.
8. When Final Images are posted you will be able to download using the DOWNLOAD button.