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Albert Photographe.





For sample of different Genre see, Choosing a Theme




Your respect and my reputation are paramount.


Everyone has their own interpretation of what clothes to wear and what they are comfortable with.  


If there is any doubt about a shot during the shoot, I am always happy for you to check the camera and delete anything you wish.


Great projects develop when great minds work together.Hopefully this will enable a meeting of the minds.







Emphasis is on clothes and the model.  As seen in Ladies Fashion magazines.   ReMix,  Viva,  Vogue



Focuses on the beauty and charm of the person in the photograph. Tends to be more sensual attraction in a flirtatious, provocative or even sexy manner. Poses are very important. Best to copy successful poses by using clips and work to create a genuine expression that matches the overall feel of the shot.       Vanity Fair,    Ralph,    Vanquish



My version of Fashion Art is that it combines all the style and flare of fashion/glamour photography, with a more open, edgy style. Its less about showing off curves and skin (Ralph Mag) and more about attraction by elegance, class and insinuation. I prefer to achieve this by implying rather than showing flesh. Topless maybe but never genital.    Vogue   Malvie,  B-Authentic, Point 7, 



Pretending to be topless or being topless but not exposing your nipples.  

It does not matter how your nipples are covered, as long as they are covered, by the choice of pose, your hands, a prop or by shadow.  

The amount of flesh you show is irrelevant, as long as the nipples are not exposed.



Same interpretation as implied topless.  You may not be wearing anything down below, but your genitals are hidden by the choice of pose,  hands, props, shadows etc.



Irrespective of what is worn, no private areas are shown. Typically the model will be clothed but the image may imply otherwise.




Your nipples are exposed but everything else is hidden by choice of pose, shadow, props etc.  Note, if you are topless and not exposing your nipples it is treated as Implied. Topless is not how much of the breast is seen, it is whether the nipple is seen.





This takes it's name from great artists who present the body as a work of art, usually Black & White and of a highly posed nature.










_DL23732Elizabeth Fugit_DL23732Elizabeth Fugit    













What to do with Hands







More advanced states of nudity are outside the intent of this article


USEFUL references: 



 Nudity – The model is wearing nothing more than shoes, boots, hats, stockings, garters, socks, gloves, and/or
jewelry.  Any of the model’s private parts may be fully or partially exposed.


Artistic Nudity – The model may be Non-Nude, Nude, Partially Nude, or Topless, as defined herein, but the
model uses body parts (arm, legs, etc), props, cloth, wraps, boas, un-worn or worn clothing, …, etc., to achieve the desired coverage
and an artistic effect.

□____  Implied Nudity – The model may be Non-Nude, Nude, Partially Nude, or Topless, as defined herein, but
“Nudity”, as defined above, cannot be determined by observing the recording.

□____  Partial Nudity – The model is Topless, as defined below, and any other body part may be fully or partially

□____  Topless – The model’s Breast(s) are not covered, not partially covered, or obscured.