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Shooting with me is all about FUN and ENJOYING the process.

Freelance photographer with a passion for fashion/glamour and art/beauty. The journey to produce creative work with feeling and purpose. 
My main interest is People and Landscape.
I have a strong interest in the development of photography as an art. This lead me and a few mates to start the Contemporary Photography Foundation, where I was President for 8 years. A past member of Auckland Photographic Society. I have won a number of awards and exhibited in several exhibitions. My work is in several collections and exhibitions including, Pah House Arts Centre, and I have work published in books in NZ, Australia and USA.
A highlight has been shooting with top Australian and New Zealand landscape photographers . Ken Duncan, Christian Fletcher, Mike LangfordJackie Ranken. and meeting and sharing ideas with so many local photographers, Michael Ng, Charles Howells, Harry Janssen, Damien Nikora    The list goes on, but it is always a joy to talk and learn from so may super kind professionals.

When shooting models, I like to elicit a mood with imagery and music to help the model to feel in character and capture the connection with him or her.

My philosophy

I always prepare my photo shoots very intensely. I look for images that visualise my thoughts; I look for moods for the hair or for the make-up, or for the location, or for a situation or the lighting... I can then show everyone these pictures and explain what I find important about them; and then everyone is immediately involved, they understand what we’re doing, they’re initiated. Everyone is totally committed, and then we can get going and everyone’s going in the same direction. It makes communication easier.  Good preparation is half the story. Then, when I work with the models, life comes into play and new, unique things emerge: you see something and work on it. I love that. However the plan is only a starting point and I am happy to run with the mood of the shoot, everything planned and prepared, but then you gallop off and drop the reins.



On assignment at Wallace Art Trust. Documenting artwork with Phase 1  Click    




What they say:

Thankyou so much Ronald truly appreciate you sending me this link.
Your photos are incredible a credit to your talents.
Kindest Regards   Tracey-Maree  Talent Tree Agency

Miss Universe NZ Candidate.

These photos are absolutely stunning!   You did an amazing job and I am not going to lie I cried a bit as I viewed them.   These are some of the best photos I have ever done.

I would absolutely love to do another photoshoot with you and I will let you know when I am in Auckland next! I find out if I am in Miss Universe NZ next Wednesday and if I am then I will let you know when I am next up! It will probably be the first two weeks of July sometime!



Loubna El Bekri. International Fashion model Morocco.  It was a pleasure to work with you too. I put a like because it's very beautiful..indeed we had great time shooting.


Marwa Elazadi MUA Morocco Was a pleasure working with such a professional person like u.  To one of the best photographers I worked with.


Simo Ayat. Fashion Designer Dubai.  (Following Morocco Shoot) Thank you for the picture great work really .i am a fashion designer based in Dubai but i do some photoshoots in morocco too i am glad i have found a great photographe in Morocco

Μαργαριτα Δημου  Miss Greece Finalist Thank you very much Ronald Winstone !!!! Nice shoot :D


Joy Nandini.  You are such a talented person Ronald, grateful that I got a chance to work with you


Meenal Model Auckland I would like for you to know I really appreciated the shoot and your hard work. Your time for edits and sending through the final images.
It was a huge learning curve for me and working with you was absolutely what I needed. You helped me figure things out, you directed me in what I needed to work on to bring the best out of myself.


Miica Milenkovic Thank you so much you are so nice :) and the photos  look amazing and you were really supportive :)


Anoushka Mackey  What did your learn ?  "Gaps between arms when posing, to achieve comfortable look restart and do a flop, practice poses until you get them and redo them so they look natural, have fun and the photos will look beautiful."


Sudeshi Dass Was wonderful working with you, I had a awesome time doing this shoot amazing experience with one of finest photographer


Natasha Bali I think they are absolutely great images. A huge thanks for this. Each and everyone single image is wonderfully captured by ur skills and camera. I am very happy and impressed at the photos


Aida Sajadi  The Tais's photos were breath taking. I haven't seen a photographer in NZ able to produce that standard


Neekita Naidu.    Model  Miss India Australia.  Thank you Ronald ❤️ awesome photographer x

Iyia Lui "I'll take all three" Fashion blog. Fantastic Shoots again - this is definitely my favourite shot. Absolutely fantastic working with you. When would you like to shoot again? http://illtakeallthree.com


Muni Nadjib  12/3/16   Would love to do a shoot with you again

Nicole Fairbrother. Model. Miss Earth I would like to thank-you so much for the photo shoot. It was an amazing experience to work with such an amazing photographer and now one I respect so deeply. I would love the opportunity to work with you again and can't wait to see some of the images!

Danijela Unkovich Model. Miss Universe Contestant. Cant wait to shoot again, you were wonderful to work with. love your work

Andrea Massey Make Up Artist - Teacher Samala Robinson Acadamy. Absolutely beautiful pics indeed : Would love to do another shoot with you in the future. It was lovely working with you.

Hannah Paul. Miss Rotorua. "A huge thank you, for coming out and being my photographer, also for coming out to where i call home, and for capturing such amazing pictures of my self and the beauty with in my home town... I'm proud to be a Maori and i am proud to be from Rotorua...."


Pritika Raj...AMZING PHOTOGRAPHY....SHOOTING WITH U WAS JUST AMZING...THANK U SO MUCH INDEED..I can't prise u enough for the photos. Amazing. From even u.s.a. ......my friends ask who was the photographer. ......  



Carol Qi   MUA + Stylist   Thank you so much, these photos are stunning, love them. :)