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TYPICAL SHOOT & what to bring

It's hard to say what is typical as so much depends on what clothes you offer, but here is a guide.

Zen Choosing 1Zen Choosing 1

What to bring   
Some suggestions to help you work out clothing.  


1. PORTRAITS are usually where we start, I normally select one of the following:

  • My wish list. Here
  • Fairly formal with classy dress, jewellry.  Here
  • Bare shoulder look using boob tube or similar. Here


2. FASHION. This is where I rely on your wardrobe, but I suggest evening or party dress, the more couture the better, plus scarf and accessories. You may like to add a casual look, jeans, T shirt.  Probably 2-3 outfits.for samples  Start here




3.1. GLAMOUR  Some girls like to do glamour or lingerie (Boudoir) or bikini. I have a lot of chiffon which suits the lingerie- Baby Doll, lacy dressing gown. flowers. teddy bear???  Note: Most definitions of Glamour photography involve some risqué elements. For samples   Start here




3.2. FASHION ART. A series of images that tell a story such as  “Waiting for love” “Day Dreaming”, "Awakening for the day". Suggested clothes: long flowing dress, Lingerie with stockings, Gym gear, night dress and lacy robe, Kaftan, or beach cover up,   Please study the sample pages and advise what you are comfortable with.    Start here


4. MAKE UP. For contacts and information on Make Up Artists.   Click Here